Better tomorrow

(by Chude Jideonwo)*

Someone bumped into me a few minutes ago.

I would like to say I responded with a compassion reflex - by offering her a smile, a nod, or saying ‘it’s okay’.

But I surprised myself by responding with irritation. I didn’t say anything or do anything, so this was all internal. But there was no gentleness in how I felt.

“Oh wow I thought I was better than that,” I said to myself.

And then I was almost going to be disappointed in myself.

And then I remembered how pointless that would be.

Obviously there is still work to be done on my consciousness and my reflexes.

And as I continue the work, there’ll be opportunities to show how much better my reflexes are becoming.

*Chude is founder of human flourishing company, Joy, Inc., You can read what he writes daily at

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