All is in order

(by Arit Okpo)*

Yesterday I was making dinner, smack in the middle of chopping and blending and all of that. Without thinking about it, I rinsed my hands and went into the living room to put together the clothes that I had used for a shoot a few days before – my stylist had mentioned he was coming to pick them and I wanted to be sure everything was organized.

Two minutes or less after I started, the bell rang, it was my stylist.

I am someone who spends quite a lot of time fretting about whether I am making the right decisions, whether there is a move I need to make that I haven’t made, whether there is something to think about that I am not thinking about…you get the drift.

Much later, thinking about that moment -  the inner clock that told me it was time to get the things ready and the fact that I didn’t even think about it before moving – I allowed myself to sit for a few minutes in the knowledge that I know much more than I give myself credit for.

I recognise (and try to remember) that I am led and guided in all things and that my journey is as much about recognising the signposts that direct my path as they are about the destinations and stops that are on the route.

I will hold on to this thought and practise resting in the knowledge that I know what the ways are, I know when the turns are and that if I have not yet gotten a signal, maybe it simply means that I am on the right route and that all is in order.

*Arit Okpo is the Host of CNN African Voices and TIERS Untold Facts. She is a Child of Grace, A Lover of People and an Unrepentant Lover of food.

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