Shiny objects

(by Damola Morenikeji)

“I am not a fan of shiny objects.”

So I thought, about myself, until I re-examined that assumption some months ago.

Shiny objects here doesn’t mean objects made of metal, I am referring to whatever is the newest thing on the block. This may be the newest gadget, the latest fashion style, the latest movie in the cinema, the newest technique or dance style in the hood.

We sometimes have that propensity to choose something new over something great. We do this for several reasons; to appear knowledgeable, to feed our egos, or to show that we are on ‘top of things’.

It is a disease.

While I don’t do this with gadgets or clothes, I have found myself doing it with books. I had caught myself checking the year a book was published before deciding if it will make it to my shelve - making an assumption that recently published books are sometimes better.

It’s the same disease - disguised in a different form.

Not every shiny new thing deserves your attention. Focus on what matters and go for great instead.

Choose great over new every time, starting today.

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