What to focus on when doing new things

(by Daniel Adeyemi)*

I've noticed a trend when doing new things.  I mostly experience fear & uneasiness - many not so positive what-ifs. 

I wonder if expecting this feeling would make it any more bearable or easier to try out new things. 

I wonder if I should look at it as a warning sign or just a signal that this is something unfamiliar.

If I look at it as a warning sign, what exactly am I being warned of? The fact that I might fail? Well, I know that already and don’t need the constant reminder.

If I choose to see it as a signal that I'm about to embark on a new adventure that I'm incompetent at or unaware of what would come my way, at least I can worry less about "failing" and take pride in the fact that it's a normal phase I have to go through.  I prefer this perspective.

Recognizing it as a signal that I'm doing something unfamiliar rather than as a warning sign makes trying out new things easier.

*Daniel is a deliberate amateur who currently lives in Lagos. He writes about what gets to him danieladeyemi.com.ng

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