The Daily Vulnerable is a daily newsletter by Joy, Inc. helping you embrace the fullness of your humanity, with its flaws, by tackling the things often left unsaid, especially by the successful – fear, insecurity, doubt, shame, weakness, mistakes. All the things that make us human, and how we can continue to move forward in spite – actually, because – of them.

Every day, we hear people talk about successes, fearlessness, victories, glory. But how about the things we never talk about – our fears, insecurities, doubts, mistakes, flaws. Or the people who slash us everyday with selfishness, thoughtlessness, and a lack of consciousness.

Whether you’re wealthy or not, famous or not, well-travelled or not – we all have these; we all face these.

We talk about them on The Daily Vulnerable every day – so you know you are perfectly, rightly, human, and you learn how to go beyond these daily foibles and be your best possible self, every single day.

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